GPS based Tracking System

It Provides huge list of Features like, Stolen vehicle recovery, Asset tracking, Video & Audio surveillance, Transit tracking, Fuel monitoring, Distance calculation, Historic tracking data auditing etc.

Time Attendance Machine

Attandance Machine helps in automation of attendance of the employees and help in tracking the in and out time of employees total work duration. Monitor multiple location form a centralized location.

CCTV Surveillance Solutions

Security System is the most important thing for the security of homes, offices , travelling etc. Security Surveillance system offers most optimum solution for indoor and outdoor Surveillance.

"XSSecure XTS provides most advanced and feature rich Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solution that makes your Vehicle Management easy and safe."

XSSecure Features

Live Tracking

It is normally carried by moving vehicle, that uses GPS to determine its precise location.

Route Playback

In Route Playback user check their previous month information about vehicle.

Anti Theft Alarm

Any device use to prevent unauthorized appropriation of items considered valuable.

Fuel Sensor

Fuel Sensor is use to indicate or measure the level of fuel contained in a tank.

Coupon Base Tracking

In Coupon Base Tracking stytem coupons are provided to users to track their vehicles.

Multiple Reporting

It contain all information about vehicle like vehicle route, fuel, speed, AC ON/OFF etc.


It is smart safety solution that helps you to reduce risk by giving you alerts by messages.

Distance Traveling

Distance Traveling shows the traveling distance of vehicle between one place to another.

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Theft making VTS popular

Vehicle Tracking not only provides Tracking, but also accounts to a great reporting on the movement of the vehicle.